Westport Tankers provides high quality shipping, technical & commercial management services in the wet cargo transportation industry.

Conduct & Ethics

Westport Tankers upholds the highest standards in respect of Personnel Conduct and Ethics. Appropriate systems are in place to ensure adherence to the Westport Tankers Management Policy.

Westport Tankers is an equal opportunity employer with zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment.

Drug & Alcohol

Alcohol and Illegal substances are not allowed on board any of our managed ships

Health, Safety & Quality Policy

Westport Tankers holds health and hygiene as a priority in the working place and considers of paramount importance that all employees are provided with a healthy, safe and hygienic environment.

Safety & Quality is the top priority in our operations. Each member of the Westport Tankers Team is devoted to performing its duties putting Safety & Quality above all other considerations. 

Environmental Protection & Energy

Westport Tankers having established and implemented an Environmental Management System in accordance with best industry practices, believes that although shipping is by far the most fuel-efficient mode of transport, additional efforts should take place to further reduce our environmental footprint to a minimum while ensuring efficient and reliable shipping services to our partners across the world.

Cyber Security

Westport Tankers is devoted in the protection of Information Systems both ashore and on-board. The effort is coordinated and monitored by our dedicated IT professionals on a continuous basis.


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Westport Tankers is committed to attracting and retaining talented individuals ashore and on board our vessels.

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